Copywriter Portfolio: Examples And Tips How To Build It Easily

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Copywriting is a job that is pretty much in demand these days. Humans flock to develop abilities in this field, so to be able to enter the world of work as a copywriter is also not easy. One thing that is needed to be able to compete is a copywriter portfolio.

Copywriter Portfolio

In this article, an example of a portfolio copywriter will be presented and also some tips to be able to create a portfolio copywriter easily.

What Is Copywriter Portfolio?

Copywriter is a term for people who do copywriting activities. While copywriting itself is the activity or work of writing advertising text or publicity material.

However, not all copywriter jobs have to do with advertising. There are also copywriters who write news content for the sole purpose of providing information.

While the portfolio is a report or complete record of a document and someone's work. So a copywriter portfolio is a record or documentation of the works of someone who works as a copywriter.

What Should Be Included in a Copywriter Portfolio?

In a copywriter portfolio there are no fixed rules about what should be in it. But in general, things that must be included include the author's biography and of course your work.

You can arrange and display various examples of your writings or projects that you have completed.

You can also arrange them by various categories or in a certain order to make it look neat or even make you look promising to be recruited as a copywriter.

Tips for Developing a Copywriter Portfolio

If you already understand what a copywriter portfolio is all about, the next step is about how you will present it in order to attract companies that want to hire a copywriter.

Here are some tips you can follow to create a copywriter portfolio.

Use a Copywriter Portfolio Creation Service

Currently there are many parties who offer services to create a portfolio, either in the form of a website or conventional.

Among them are and also Copyfolio. Of course there are many more services or websites that provide assistance to help you create a portfolio copywriter easily.

The rates offered are varied and many of them even provide templates and services for making portfolios for free.

Get Inspiration For Example Copywriter Portfolio

You can get ideas by viewing or observing other people's portfolios. Currently there are many websites that you can look at to get examples of Portfolio copy writers.

These are some examples of website copywriter portfolios that you can use as inspiration.:
copywriter portfolio

First example of copywriter portfolio is comes from Kelsey. You can find the complete portfolio on the 

Copywrite Portfolio

This is example copywriter portfolio from Gari Cruze site. You can find it on

There are many other examples that you can find through various platforms such as websites or social media.

Start By Conceptualizing Your Copywriter Portfolio

After getting various tips for creating a portfolio, what you have to do next is start to create or start from thinking about what concept you want to use for a copywriter portfolio.

Those were the tips and examples of portfolio copywriters, good luck with your copywriter portfolio.

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